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Bathroom Design Trends

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Considering renovating your bathroom this year? If your space is feeling outdated, and a little tired, then a refresh could be exactly what it needs. To give you some interiors’ inspiration, and help you dream up your new bathroom, we asked our experts at Ripples Bathrooms to talk us through the 2022 bathroom design trends which will turn your space into the most popular room in your home.

Neutral Tiles and Colours 

For 2022, it’s all about calming colours which bring a feeling of serenity and zen to your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom tiles, whites, beiges and greys are the colours of choice for 2022. To add some luxury to your bathroom, opt for a white marble tile which is classic and sophisticated. A neutral tile such as this is timeless and can be incorporated into future bathroom renovations, should you wish to refresh your space in future. If you are considering a more rustic and homely feel in your bathroom, then a mosaic pebble tile is perfect, and extremely versatile, meaning they can be used in any space in your bathroom.

If you are incorporating paint onto your bathroom walls then again, try to stick to neutral and light colours. These will reflect natural light and brighten up your bathroom. It’s important to remember that tiles and paint colours play one of the most important roles in your overall bathroom design, so take your time to speak with your bathroom designer and get the best advice you can.

Wetrooms and Free Standing Baths

When it comes to bathroom design, the experts at Ripples Bathrooms are always focused on creating smart and functional designs which get the most out of your space. 2022 bathroom design trends would seem to agree with this philosophy as requests for free standing baths and wet rooms are on the rise. A wet room will allow your bathroom to become an open space in which you can incorporate some modern design features. While a free standing bath will save on space and create a style statement.

Integrated Technology

Bathroom technology has come a long way in recent years and choosing what technology you want to integrate into your space can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the design process. Think heated flooring, shower heads with integrated bluetooth speakers, interactive LED mirrors and smart toilets – the choice is yours!

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Transforming your bathroom atmosphere into that of a home spa is one of the most popular 2022 bathroom design trends. One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate some greenery into your bathroom. According to this year’s Pinterest Predicts list, ‘biophilic design’ i.e. bringing nature into your home, is a trend that will dominate the interior design world into this year and next. Remember to choose plants that will thrive in a bathroom environment, such as Bamboo, a Peace Lily or a Snake Plant.

Smarter Lighting

For 2022, low lighting and dimmers are a trend that continue to grow in popularity. Speak with your bathroom designer about sensor lights, which are essentially smart lights which will automatically switch on when you enter the room. Where possible, opt for low lighting, such as an illuminated mirror, as this will make your bathroom feel much more tranquil than it would if you were using strong overhead lighting.

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